We will prepare tuscan appetizers, using ingredients that are typical of our cuisine, crostini, authentic bruschetta, yes the one with black cabbage, two or three main courses, consisting of home-made pasta such as tagliatelle, lasagne, gnocchi or ravioli, You can opt for the famous Chianti bread soups like ribollita or pappa al pomodoro. For the second courses there are many mouth-watering options which we will plan together with typical side dishes, such as tuscan beans, eggplant, cabbage and more. Last but not least our special Italian desserts. My tiramisu ,frangipane and biscotti di prato, are dreamy!
All this is served with our selected Montalcino or Chianti wines coming from the cellars of Classico or Brunello hidden farms that you can visit after the meal if you want.

€ 120.00 per person (minimum 2 people).

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