As a slight poem that unfolds along a veil of green hills and reddish lands, as an enchanted music echoing in the air to the rhythm of a clink of glasses of wine drunk, like a calibrated balance of flavor and sweetness enclosed in a simple territory from ancient memory.

Look, listen, Savor. Villa Fillinelle: Tuscany living.

Villa Fillinelle is a medieval house elegantly converted into a charming small luxury Relais tucked away in the green heart of the Florentine hills.

The story tells that Villa was founded in 1200 at the behest of Nelle, Florentine aristocrat, who wanted to devote to his children, a refuge for the summer heat, a safe place where you can spend hours in the arts company and bucolic nature. Its history is hidden in its walls and expressed the effigies that, distributed among the rooms, showing the succession of time and love in which it is easy to guess how the nobility it is intertwined with the reason pure and simple feelings.
House among the houses, Villa Fillinelle stands out from other tourist proposals for inherent ability to combine past and present, traditional and international dishes, in an aesthetic combination of great charm. To access it will pass a historic wrought iron gate surrounded by old trees and you will cross a long driveway protected by high and thick hedges and gravel. Losing the look in 7000 square meters of the park that surrounds it, you will come to the big front door to welcome you where you will find a concierge always available to satisfy your living needs. Past the door you are greeted by a large living room, a common area that joins the living room to the Dining Room. Surrounded by ancient effigies here you can rest on comfortable sofas and armchairs giving you the pleasure of reading and conversation, or, in winter, you can enjoy the warmth of a large fireplace in front of which get lost while sipping the excellent Chianti. Adjacent to the living room here is the kitchen, from traditional rustic flavor but equipped with all the necessary equipment and modern appliances. It is at guests’ disposal during the day, meanwhile, every morning, the kitchen is used to offer guests the best of bio cuisine Km zero as well as proposals from the italian and international cuisine. Alternatively, you can choose to start the day, making you serve breakfast in the garden or by the pool, after a dip in the pool.